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Yoga with li 

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Yoga and art have been a crucial part of li's life since childhood. The balance of living in the body and mind through these different practices are at the core of li's philosophy of teaching and creativity. With eight years of teaching experience, liactuallee teaches three forms of yoga: hatha, vinyasa, and yin. With a focus on posture, meditation, relaxation, and functional yoga for general wellbeing. li's teaching style is accessible and empathetic. Li prioritizes safety, and strong basics, helping each student find rhythms and movements suitable to their abilities. Yoga with li offers a safe space for movement, meditation, and building new relationships with our bodies and minds.  


"I attended li's online classes for over a year, and they were absolutely delightful. Li is committed, deeply empathetic, and very patient. They also have a goofy side that is sometimes just what I need. Their classes went a very long way in keeping me sane through lockdown."


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