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Imagined Ecologies 

“Science fiction is simply a way to practice the future together. I suspect that is what many of you are up to, practicing futures together, practicing justice together, living into new stories. It is our right and responsibility to create a new world.”

- Adrienne Maree Brown


These drawings are an immersion into solarpunk landscapes, combining eco-sexuality and hope as modes of sharing futures together. Through intimacy with ecology, a reinterpretation of our current world brings forth an alien planet for viewers to trudge through in their minds. These whimsical imagined universes are not a rejection of the old, but rather a re-envisioning of ancestral wisdom through a contemporary and intersectional viewpoint. 


Through repetition of motifs and patterns, evoking folk traditions of mark-making as spiritual practice, these works explore how envisioning can help shape our future.

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