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Systemics is an examination of alternative systems of thought, and an exploration into the relationship between land and trauma. Deconstructing western dualism, and in turn binary ways of thinking are at the center of my mind, allowing the viewer to question internalized divisions between nature and human. This dualistic perception, where nature is feminine and culture is masculine, is the base for the gender binary, and in turn gender-based violence, homophobia, and mistreatment of land and ecologies. Examining European landscape painting and cartography as inherently colonial, my work seeks to find post-colonial modes of expression informed by eastern aesthetic traditions of flattening the foreground in order to uncover systems and networks at play. How we treat and label the world around us – our ecologies – informs the segregation and systemic oppression of marginalized people. This work explores borders and the breaking of divisions, as fluid strokes and abstract patterns occupy the boundaries of relief forms. 

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