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alive and well

alive and well


poetry by Shaul Solomon 

artwork by liactuallee 

24 pages, 8 poems, digitally printed on glossy thick paper, 2022

A5 size ( 8"x 6")
Shaul and Li met during their travels around India, from variously different worlds they found friendship in deep conversations around philosophy, spirituality, and art.
They came together once again to create this portey book, a collaboration that ties together their personal practices into a beautiful object that you would want to live with.
About Shaul Solomon

Initially encouraged to start writing as a way to process his ultimate leaving of a close-knitted Hasidic lifestyle, Shaul Solomon uses his poetry as a way to investigate his inner thoughts and better understand and communicate the world around him. Sticking to his orthodox background, Shaul incorporates a lot of Kabbalistic/Mystical references and ideas into his poetry. Although many of his poems discuss darker
topics like loneliness, emptiness, and nihilism – Shaul sees his poetry as encouraging and introspective.



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